Events at Swizzle

Bourbon Chef Series

Chef Sandoval’s special dish is a Hudson Valley Foie Gras with Seared Scallop and BourbonGastrique. His dish will be featured starting March 1st and will be available only at Swizzle through May!

"Game Changers" Dish with Master P

Introducing the newest addition to Swizzle’s Special menu, the “Game Changers” dish by Master P! Savor the flavors of our Twin Petite Angus Filets with the perfect pairing of Crawfish and Cajun Cream Sauce!

But wait, it gets even better! Starting April 1 and running through the Kentucky Derby, every purchase of this delectable dish will contribute 20% of the sales to the Game Changers Foundation. Indulge in this savory delight while making a difference in the community. Make your reservation today and try our “Game Changers” Dish!